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Encounters are real-time combat based instances.

Entering a Normal Encounter

Click on Combat Related -> Encounters tab

Encounter Rules

Ships (either virtual or NFTs) and Troopers are required to enter a Normal Encounter. You can only equip Tactician Gears, Power Gears, and Limited Gears before you enter an encounter. Once you've entered an encounter, you can no longer change your Gears

The amount of Gears you can equip is decided by your Gear Score Limit.

Normal Encounter will end when you clear the Crown Node or when you're defeated by an enemy. You will still keep all rewards you have won up until this point should you have been defeated.

Clear the Crown node to unlock next tier.


Tiers are also known as Levels. There are unlimited tiers. First 4 tiers of Normal Encounters are free of charge, but they do not give you any Credits or Reputation.

After the fourth tier, you'll need Normal Access Keys, Discount Access Key, Credits or eFGL Token in order to start an encounter.

A single Discount Access Key can replace any number of Normal Access Keys in a Cleared Tier.

Entry fees increase with higher tiers, but the eFGL Token cost is capped at 300 eFGL.

Cleared and Uncleared Tiers

Cleared Tiers

"Cleared Tiers" means you have successfully defeated the Crown Node at this tier before.

Uncleared Tiers

"Uncleared Tiers" means you have not yet defeated the Crown Node at this tier.

Uncleared Tiers don't have Credits Nodes.

Uncleared Tiers cannot be rerolled and have fixed Map Layouts for all players.

Each Uncleared Tier has 4 random Encounter Mods, regardless of its tier.

Radiation Nodes cannot be entered on Uncleared Tiers.

It costs Credits and Normal Access Keys to enter.


Only Cleared Tiers can be rerolled. Players can reroll an encounter's Map Layouts and mods before starting a Normal Encounter.

Cost of reroll: 2 x Normal Access Key

Map Layouts

Minimum Map Size: 4 x 4

Maximum Map Size: 6 x 5

Map width and height are rolled seperately with the following odds:

Size 4: 70%

Size 5: 15%

Size 6: 15%


What are Nodes?

Each encounter consists of a varying number of nodes. Nodes represent the paths through the encounter, and each node may offer a random node reward.

No single encounter will remain the same forever. Each level will be different from every other level, as rewards and the node path are all randomly generated for every new instance.

Type of Nodes

Different Nodes have different icons indicating their reward type. Reward scales according to the eFGL Token entry fee, higher paid fees increases your overall reward. There are a total of 6 different type of nodes in a normal encounter:
Credits nodes
Virtual Mechas nodes
Ocuriums nodes
Gears nodes
Crown nodes

Node Reward Multiplier

Every time you clear a node, the next node's difficulty (Enemy's Damage, Armor and Shield) will increase by roughly 25% and rewards during that encounter will increase by 10%.

Credit Cap

Credit Cap scales according to the encounter tier, with higher tiers having higher cap limits. The cap starts at 1:15 million at Tier 5 and increases by 0.1 million per tier.

If you run an encounter and obtain credit higher than this cap, then the extra credits are "burned", you do not receive them.

Radiation Nodes

Radiation Nodes are blocked on default. Players cannot travel through a blocked path.

Only Utility Troopers can enter radiation node.

However, you cannot enter a radiation node on an Uncleared Tier.

Encounter Mods

Each Credit Node will grant two mods to your encounter.

List of Mods

Penalty/Mod Name


+50% enemy attack range

+5% Credits

+30% enemy armor and shield

+5% Credits

+20% enemy movement speed

+5% Credits

Take 3% maximum shield and armor as damage on skill use

+5% Credits

+30% enemy basic attack damage

+10% Credits

Player has -20% maximum armor and shield

+10% Credits

Player has +30% active skill cooldown time

+10% Credits

Player movement speed -20%

+10% Reputation

Player takes +30% damage from enemies

+10% Reputation

Player loses 2% of their maximum armor and shield when moving

+10% Reputation

Player takes 2% of their maximum armor and shield as damage each time an enemy is defeated

+10% Reputation

Player has -30% basic attack damage

+10% Reputation

Player has 50% less skill duration

+5% Credits

Player healing effect reduced by 25%

+5% Credits

Planet Types

Different planets have a specific set of enemies that you may face. Visit the Level Selection screen and click on the "Enemy Type" button to check and see what enemies are available on that planet.

Enemy Types

Veteran: Deals 3x Damage against summoned targets such as Wingman, Minions and Converter
Support: Regenerate and repair nearby allies' Armor and Shield
Pyro: Their Basic Attacks can apply Burn for 3 seconds
Sentinel: High Armor and Shield, their Basic Attacks can Stun and Slow
Bomber: Their Basic Attacks hit up to 2 nearby targets
Overseer: High Armor, Shield, Damage and attack range. Hits 2 additional targets. Immune to Stun. Take 4 times lesser damage from Burn.
Logistic: Fast moving units that Slow you when they come in range
Berserker: Deals more Damage when they have less Armor and Shield
Engineer: Increases nearby allies' Basic Attacks Damage and Movement Speed
Cloner: Summon a random ally to assist them whenever you use a summoning skill
Recon: Passively stealthed, stuns you on next stealth hit, only appears when attacking
Sniper: Long range attacker
Lancer: Their Basic Attacks ignore Shield
Thorner: Whenever a thorner is hit, its attacker will take Damage to both Shield and Armor
Protector: Give 'protective shield' buff to maximum 3 nearby allies, 'protective shield' reduced all incoming Damage
Tanker: These units are extremely tanky, they can only be summoned by Cloners
Warper: Can instantly warp to your position
Dominators: Difficult to defeat with special abilities. Each different Dominator has a minimum tier level which they can spawn
Corruptor: Extremely difficult to defeat. Can only be found in Radiation Nodes