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Normal Encounters are the heart and soul of Outlaw Troopers! By mastering the normal encounter, you will:
- Earn Credits, Ocuriums, Gears, and Virtual Mechas
- Gain Reputation increasing your seasonal Leaderboard rank
- Complete A.R.C_Initiator_Quests giving you even more loot
- Fight Dominators
- Find Fragments

Click Combat Related -> Encounters. You are now at the Tier Selection screen, there is a LOT of important information here so let's break it down step by step.

Tier Selection

Encounter Buff

Check the Encounter Buff calculation here. As you increase your Empire Level by gaining Reputation, progressing through higher Normal Encounters Tiers, and exploring The Abyss, you will gain increased buffs. These buffs increase your Gear Score Limit, allowing you to equip more and better Gears, while also providing extra Armor, Shield, and All Damage bonuses in Normal Encounters. Balancing these factors will help your progression through the Tiers.

Tiers and Planets

In the center of the screen, you can see your current tier and planet. You'll rotate through four planets: Themis, Cradea, Zolphis, and Floerian.

The planet determines:

- The Type of Enemy Ships you face

- Which Fragments drop from the Dominators

Cost of Entry

Tiers 1 to 4 are free to enter. From Tier 5 onwards requires Credits or eFGL tokens and Normal Access Keys. Uncleared Tiers charge Credits; Cleared Tiers charge eFGL tokens.

Map Reroll


Pay 2 Normal Access Keys to reroll Mods and Layout.

Uncleared Tiers: Cannot be rerolled. You'll have 4 random mods and see a question mark on the map layout.

Cleared Tiers: Pay 2 keys to reroll mods and layout. Each Credits Node gives your encounter two extra mods, boosting your Credits or Reputation bonus.

Credit Reward Cap

Credit Cap scales according to the encounter tier, with higher tiers having higher cap limits. The cap starts at 1:15 million at Tier 5 and increases by 0.1 million per tier.

If you run an encounter and obtain Credit higher than this cap, then the extra Credits are "burned", you do not receive them.

Encounter Details

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see multiple tabs.


Displays a table of Base Node Rewards and Encounter Rules. Shows which nodes are possible on the Tier and their base reward. Base rewards increase as you progress through the Tier of the encounter.

Note that each node you clear increases the next node's difficulty by 25% and the reward by 10%.

You must clear the Crown node to unlock the next Tier.

Enemy Type

Shows the types of enemies you will face based on planet types. Mouse over enemies to see their abilities.


Lists all the Dominators available on this Tier. Dominators change with the Tier, not the planet. For more details, check the Dominators link.


Lists the Trovers Loot Table. Trovers may spawn starting from Tier 5. This tab displays all potential rewards for defeating a Trover. Good luck! For more details, check the Trovers link.

Set Up

After selecting your Tier, you must set up your Ship, Trooper, and Gears before starting the Normal Encounter.

You can also set up your default skills by choosing 3 from a selection of 10. For more details, check the Default Skills link.