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Welcome, new players!

What is Outlaw Troopers?

Outlaw Troopers is a sci-fi themed sandbox game combining a strategic empire simulation with single-player and multi-player real time combat. Players will have to send out Troopers to seek for valuable treasure and currency while trying to grow their empire. Earn and win valuable prizes while your Reputation rises through the ranks. Originally launched on the WAX blockchain in 2022, Outlaw Troopers is expanding to more blockchains and growing the community.

Outlaw Troopers is based on Seasons, every season all empire levels, Virtual Resources, etc will reset and the competition will begin anew!

Why Sandbox?
We use the term "sandbox" to describe this game because there are many paths to victory. Just a few examples of how you can "win" here:
- Rank high in the seasonal leaderboard to win Trooper NFTs
- Rank high in Weekly leaderboards to win FGL Tokens + various NFTs
- Play the black market well and earn extra FGL throughout the season
- Create a large empire that brings in extra earnings via FGL, LifeForce, virtual items, etc
- Play the NFT market, buying + selling on secondary markets
- Purchase a Space Station and earn passive FGL token profit
- Collect Limited items + Decks and rent them out to other players
- And much more! Choose your own adventure

Where to play


How to play

We have both detailed video as well as text guides, whichever you prefer. You can also browse through the pages in this wiki (linked at the bottom), or ask questions in the in-game chat!

Video Guides

Beginner's Guide
Buyer's Guide
How to run Missions
How to run an Encounter

Text Guides

Getting Started
Buyer's Guide
Encounter Guide
Abyss Guide


You can ask for support via the in game chat or by joining our Discord:

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Game mechanics



Virtual items and resources