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The Abyss is a challenging encounter mode where you craft + upgrade a menagerie of creatures (called Biocrafts) and use them to go hunting for resources + battling for prizes.

- Use the Laboratory to create and upgrade your Biocraft army

- Earn rewards by Hunting

- Unlock more lucrative levels of hunting by Delving deeper

- Compete in the Arena


Your first stop should be the Laboratory. This is where you will craft and upgrade your Biocrafts. The in-game "Lab Guide" will tell you how to find all the various Genes you will need as well as the special abilities of the Biocrafts.

Once you have the general idea, click the "Manage Biocrafts" button to start building your menagerie.

Since you have just started the game, you do not have enough genes for the more powerful Biocrafts. Click the "Craft Now" button for the first three free Biocrafts.

You now have three Biocrafts! The important thing to note here is the "CR", or "Combat Rating". The higher this value, the better your Hunting will go. Upgrading your Biocrafts will give you a higher CR. Upgrading will cost you Artifacts. OK, next click the "View Detail" button.

Take your time and look over this screen closely. Some Biocrafts will have high health making them good at fighting in the front lines and tanking enemy damage. Some will be fragile but very powerful at range, or perhaps play a role in healing your army. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses well of your army so you can arrange and battle them appropriately.


Once you have set up your Biocrafts in the Laboratory, click the "Delve" button to progress deeper into the Abyss. Each depth will have a new set of AI enemies to defeat. Study the enemies in the group and set your lineup so you can defeat them! The deeper you can go here, the better rewards you can get while Hunting. Let's try a battle:

- Click the "Depth" button at the top of the screen

- All of your available Biocrafts will now be shown. Click a Biocraft, then click a blue square to deploy it there. Put your toughest minions on the front lines, closest to the purple area. Have them protect your damage and healer units behind them

- Repeat until you have all of your units deployed (max of 5)

- Click "Start Battle" to begin the fight!

- The battle will play out automatically. You can look at a log to see exactly what happened, replay it, or click close to immediately end the battle and show the results

- If you are successful you will unlock a new depth to try, as well as increase your Hunting depth

Click "Hunting" once you have defeated a few levels here.


Now its time to find some loot! Sending your Biocrafts out on hunting missions can find you Artifacts, Reputation, Genes, Robot Parts, and Rock Fragments. You will need some Credits and Robotic Keys to hunt! Try sending some of your biocrafts on missions once you have enough resources gathered. You will need to delve past level 4 to unlock the medium and long missions.

Short - Short missions are good for finding Artifacts and gaining some Reputation quickly. But, you will have to remember to send them out more often and they only have a tiny chance at the bigger rewards.

Medium - Medium missions are balanced at finding decent artifacts/reputation and a decent chance at genes, parts and fragments.

Long - Long missions are great for when you have a sizable team and want to start focusing on Nature genes and fragments. They also have a nice long duration so you don't have to remember to click as often!


And finally... the Arena!

There are two types of battles: Arena PvP Battles and Dark Depths (boss battles).

Arena PvP Battles

- Battle other players for NFT Prizes! The competition will be intense, so upgrade your Biocrafts and master your lineup strategy quickly.

- You can battle up to 20 times a day for free.

- Opponents are matched based on your win ratio.

- Winning a battle earns you 3 medals; losing earns you 0.

- Tiebreakers are determined by win rate.

- This is similar to Delving, but now you’re battling other players' lineups.

Dark Depths

  • Challenge three different bosses, each offering unique rewards:
    • Zarath the Void Reaver (Easy Mode): Accompanied by 2 random minions, rewards Research Points.
    • Vexor the Cypher Archon (Medium Mode): Accompanied by 3 random minions, rewards Artifacts and Robotic Keys.
    • Nyx the Data Devourer (Hard Mode): Accompanied by 4 random minions, rewards A.R.C and Lifeforce.

  • To challenge the Dark Depths, you need Cybernetic Keys. The number of keys required depends on the boss you challenge.

That's it for this guide! Good luck entering the Abyss!