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Leaderboards give out different prizes every Season/week.

Those prizes may include FGL Avatar, Troopers, Limited Blends, eFGL Token, CC Packs, and more.

Please check out the Leaderboard tab to find out the latest prizes. Leaderboard can be accessed by clicking on "Leaderboard" under "Community/Misc."

Replica Empires are eligible to participate and compete in various Leaderboards.

Seasonal Leaderboard

Seasonal Leaderboards are ranked by players' Reputation level, capped at level 80.

Players must achieve both a maximum empire level of 80 and clear Abyss depth 60 to secure seasonal leaderboard prizes.

The tiebreaker is based on Abyss depth, with the second tiebreaker being the faster clear time for the Abyss depth.

The amount of prizes varies monthly and scales based on two criteria:

1. Total number of active players

2. Total amount of eFGL Token spent in-game.

There are 12 tiers of prizes. Each new tier unlocks as the total player spending reaches a new threshold.

Players must have a minimum Reputation level of 10 to be eligible for prizes.

All NFT prizes are newly minted, which adds to the circulating supply.

Weekly Leaderboard

Week One: Most Arena battles won in a week

Week Two: Most Encounter Tiers Cleared in a week

Week Three: Most Shards purified in a week

Week Four: Most Robotic Keys spent on Hunting in a week

Week Five: Most eFGL Tokens spent in a week

Week Six: Most Arena battles won in a week

Arena Leaderboard

Also called the Abyss Seasonal Leaderboard.

Arena PvP Battles is free to join with 20 battles allowed per day.

Matchmaking in Abyss pairs opponents based on your win-to-loss ratio.

Tiebreakers are determined by win rate.