A.R.C Initiator Quests

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A.R.C Initiator Quests

Players can start an A.R.C Initiator Quest by using an Initiator in the "A.R.C Quest" tab.

Initiators have four different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Ways to obtain Initiators

- Run Galaxy Missions

- Complete Daily Missions

- Purify Radioactive Shards

- Buy from Black Market

- Buy from Joe's Shop

- Bid in Daily Auctions

- Clear the Dark Depths

Rarity chance to obtain from Galaxy Missions

Common: 50%
Rare: 30%
Epic: 17%
Legendary: 3%


Common A.R.C: Total tier cleared x 10

Rare A.R.C: Total tier cleared x 20

Epic A.R.C: Total tier cleared x 50

Legendary A.R.C: Total tier cleared x 100

Only Tier 5 or above encounters count towards A.R.C objectives.

NOTE: Instant Clears do NOT count towards A.R.C Initiator Quests


- Credits

- Ocuriums

- Reputation

- Robot Parts

- Common Gears

- Artifacts

- Miniboss Rolls