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Credits are one of the Virtual Resources in Outlaw Troopers. After a Season ends, all remaining unused Credits will be wiped.

Ways to earn Credits

- Run Galaxy Missions

- Complete A.R.C Initiator Quests

- Clear Credits Nodes while running Normal Encounters

- Instant Clear encounters

- Sell items through Black Market

-Buy from Joe's Shop

- Empire Traits

- Sell Ocuriums on the Exchange

- Run Robot Heisting with Qwitts

Ways to use Credits

- Cost of entering the Uncleared Tier in Normal Encounter

- Cost for deploying NFT Mechas to mine Lifeforces

- Hunting fee in the Abyss

- Purchase virtual items from Black Market

- Purchase virtual items from Joe's Shop

- Rent Ships from the Terminal

- Buy Ocuriums on the Exchange

- Recruit Companions

- Purify Radioactive Shards

- Bid in Daily Auction