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Ways to obtain Lifeforce

- Lifeforces mining on Planets

- Season 4 Badges

- Buy from Black Market

- Buy from Joe's Shop

- Bid in Daily Auctions

- Clear the Dark Depths

Ways to spend Lifeforce

- Use the FBX System

- Mint Planets

- Send Bounty

Mining lifeforces

Players can mine Lifeforces by deploying their Virtual Mechas, NFT Mechas and related NFT items like Mega Qwitt, Omega Qwitt, and Season 9 Badges.

To start mining, click on the "Planet" tab at the top of the main game UI, and then select "Mine Lifeforce". Next, select the Mechas that you wish to deploy and click on the "Deploy selected Mecha" button.

Cost of deployment

Virtual mechas cost 5M Credits to deploy, they will be destroyed after they've completed their mining process.

NFT Mechas and related NFT items can be reused unlimited times. Their deployment cost in Credits increases with higher luck levels, and there's a 3-hour cooldown period after each deploy.

NFT Mechas
Cost = (Mecha's Luck + 1) * 10 Million Credits

Virtual Mechas
Cost = 5 Million Credits

Mining Capacity

Virtual mechas have a queue limit of 1000 on Planets, whereas NFT mechas have a queue limit of 1200.

Mining Rate

Each mecha deployment costs 5 million credits and grants a base of 3 lifeforce.

The mining rate of the planet provides a bonus lifeforce percentage on top of the base 3 lifeforce.

For example, if a planet has a 5% mining rate, each mecha deployment would yield 3 + 5% = 3.15 lifeforce.

Lifeforce Calculation Formula

Lifeforce = (Cost of Deployment / 5 Million) × (3 × (1 + Mining Rate))